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The Spiritual Tarot

The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple

The Spiritual Tarot

The Spiritual Tarot

I created a unique, profound Tarot system accessible to the beginner and master alike. My beautifully illustrated, full-color deck of the major arcana, reflects the authentic Tarot tradition, which began with these universal mysteries, principles, and virtues.

The deck includes a clear, step-by-step guidebook with card illustrations in black and white; and full detailed descriptions: key characteristics, symbolism, numerological influences, and practical applications.

The 22 cards that make up the major arcana in The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple represent situations concerning an initiate who is on a journey, seeking to learn. People, structures, and elements are all associated with the seeker’s journey.

The major arcana provide a profound, constructive answer for developing the future that is framed in the question of the seeker. It functions as a very good instrument for intuitive and psychic powers, as well as spiritual insight.

The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple is a unique system that focuses on these 22 major arcana, whose lessons are of the greatest value in producing ample solutions on both the Cosmic and the Earthly planes for the seeker. They are 22 “keys” that open the gateways one at a time as the initiate progresses along the path. A journey to attain the sanctuary of spirituality can thus contain 22 lessons.

These 22 major arcana call forth the most profound and archetypal ideas that are represented in all the world’s great philosophies. They reflect universal source ideas that exist in all cultures and all times, and from which all other ideas are born; ideas that could be a kind of instinctive knowledge or epic memory, like the root ideas of humanity and the evolution of thinking. As these ideas interweave, grow, and evolve, they then flourish into the blooms of spiritual enlightenment.

I created the Spiritual Tarot with these two guidelines:

  1. The first guideline is to look for the most universal and elementary idea that comes to mind with the symbol. This central idea would be immediately evident, first on a subconscious level, then brought to the conscious mind.
  2. The second guideline is to recognize the principal relationships of ideas that sprout from the fundamental idea of the symbol. When there is a web of relationships possible, you can choose those that afford the best connections to the main meaning.

The Tarot is a book about meditation and deep-thinking, and it is written for all of us. Often, those who practice the

Tarot have come to appreciate the profound wisdom found in it.

We should not “force” our personas to act, we should “permit” them to act naturally. We should apply ourselves in a progressive manner, and in alliance with all the consciousness, awareness, aspirations, feelings, and emotions of the various characters of the Tarot. That applies to the animate characters as well as the inanimate ones since in Tarot, “things” can represent “beings”.

We can let ourselves go with the flow of thinking, feeling, and acting as those characters would, with them, and through them, to even become them! This process can help us to find the answers to what we seek.

The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to the Divine Temple may not be the kind of book that you would read like you might a

novel. But you will read it over and over again, and it will grow on you until it becomes a bedside companion and a good friend. You’ll also begin to see more and more in the card images as you study them and become more familiar with their characteristics.

The 22 cards in The Spiritual Tarot System are the 22 major arcana, also known as the major life lessons. They are the archetypal ideas, the universe source ideas for all humanity, which are all within each of us. The major arcana relate to the three fundamental formulas of existence: Birth, Life, and Death. Thus, the 22 cards in The Spiritual Tarot System correspond to the 22 stages of the major life lessons to be lived.