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Let’s Talk Intuition

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Let’s Talk Intuition:
101 Powerful Insights to Transform Your Life Today and Forever
By Darlene Pitts
a Book Review by Marie-Claire Wilson
Darlene Pitts is an intuition consultant and has taught many people how to use their intuition, to improve and take control of their lives. Her teachings show how each of us receives intuitive messages each day. She is the author of Discover Your Intuition and Let’s Talk Intuition.

The author of this book believes as I do: that everyone possesses the power of intuition - that we are all born with this talent. This talent should be considered the sixth sense, but if this is true, then why aren’t we all psychic? Why aren’t we all, at the very least, acting on our hunches?

 Have any of the following things happened to you?  Then you’ll discover why:

“You feel an urge to visit or call someone; you hear a phone ring before it rings; people, places, and objects boost or drain your energy; Jokes prove prophetic and guesses reveal information”

Intuition is NOT the opposite of rational thinking.  (That’s one of the most common non-religious rebuttals to the “reality” of intuition.) A natural component of critical thought, intuition enhances and complements rational thinking.  Have you ever wondered how you “knew” something that you had not been taught, and that you did not get through ordinary intellectual methods? That’s intuition too. So we actually use our intuition even when oblivious of it.

The author explains the many benefits of opening ourselves to our intuition.  She says that you can discover how to:

  • Increase your finances and make right decisions
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Time management
  • Find what you love doing
  • Select proper foods to eat
  • Locate missing loved ones and lost objects

Sadly, while some people are able nurture their intuitive talents, this is not the norm. We are taught to suppress our intuition, so most of us remain unaware of it - or we ignore it. Our modern society teaches us from an early age that “psychic” powers, such as intuition, aren’t real. It’s characterized as a con perpetrated on us by fake clairvoyants. (Of course, fake clairvoyants and con people do exist, a fact of life which is used erroneously as “proof.”)

Another negative connotation that is commonly associated with intuition – in order to dismiss it – is superstition. These negative messages bombard us constantly. Some religions classify intuition as evil (or as something coming from the devil). The author reminds us that intuition is a gift from the cosmos that we humans have been given along with our other senses and talents.

Intuition is a very positive and valuable form of subconscious awareness. Intuition has always played an important and even life-saving role in our day-to-day affairs since the beginning of time.

The author writes about how our mind becomes a kind of cosmic radio, both sender and receiver, with many stations. All around us, there are many other kinds of energy waves or vibrations: chemical, electrical, sound, light, magnetic, etc. When we pay attention to our intuition, “…we tune our radio knob (our mind) to precisely the frequency we want and screen out the others. Or, we send precise wave lengths with our thoughts and intentions that carry the associated kinds of energy vibrations. To divine [use intuition] is thus the opposite of chaos.”

Healing is another way to reveal intuition. The authorwrites:  “We know that vibrations, frequencies, waves, and energies have a recordable effect, some good and some bad, on us and our environment. For example, when music heals, healing occurs on a cellular level through vibrations. There is a demonstrated shift in brain waves [from alpha to beta], which are associated with feelings of inner peace and well-being.”

A section that particularly interested me was the connection between intuition and the white light.  The author writes:  “Some people can see white light around others just before they make their transition to the afterlife.” 

If you think that you don’t have any intuition, take heart.  We all have it – it’s just been hidden.  In this book, you’ll learn how to cultivate your intuition. I highly recommend this book.

Marie-Claire Wilson, author of The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to The Divine Temple, is a bilingual writer and poet. She has been a practicing medium for 28 years using direct clairvoyance, the Tarot, numerology and palmistry. Office in Washington DC.  To make an appointment for a phone reading call toll-free: 1-877-847-7330. 
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