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Miraculous Health

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Miraculous Health
By Dr. Rick Levy   

a Book Review by Marie-Claire Wilson

It is a pleasure to recommend this book about health and the miraculous connection to keeping good health. The talented author, Dr. Rick Levy, has a writing style that is very accessible. You would think that you’re merely having a casual conversation with him about the issues of general health and specific causes of maladies.

Basically, everything about our health boils down to our attitude towards the subject. Personally, I found this book quite valuable because it demonstrates how everything is connected, and how intimate and direct the connection is especially in the great pyramid of life, our mind, body, and spirit and in a larger sense, because everything is connected, like a group of links in energy chains. We must constantly keep the chain from becoming tangled. As suffering accumulates over the course of our life, it causes the knots that make roadblocks for us. So we weed out the knots and keep the connections sorted out and smooth.

The author makes this point clearly in plain English in the five parts of the book.

For example, in a Part Two. Self Analysis, the author wants us to see how important this step is in our process. He has us consider questions about our lives such as: Where are you right now? Then he continues to describe how our lives impact us but our attitudes about these conditions are the key: The process I describe here will help you understand. The major twists and turns of your life, how they’ve affected you, how you’ve reacted to them, and the extent to which they’ve confined or liberated you [affect your health]. How well you’ve fared so far relative to your expectations [and] the major themes threading through your experience, and what they imply about who you are and where you’re going also affect your health in major ways. And while we cannot control the events in our life, we can control our reaction to these events, our processing of them, take a positive turn to it, and learn from it all.

The author believes that diseases arise for the most part from emotions that we allow to permeate us. A common example is when we have too much stress, we know that it will cause us to have physical problems. So, in general, by having a positive and constructive attitude, we can succeed in maintaining our body in good health.
 In a Part Three: Treatment, the author writes about the ways to apply conscious attitudes:
Conscious Attitude 1: “I like it, I’m doing it.” If you take that attitude, you’ll succeed every time.

Conscious Attitude 2: “I disagree with it.” This will obviously kick you right out of hypnosis.

Conscious Attitude 3: “I’m neutral about it.” This won’t work either. This is the type of attitude you take when you’re overweight and you say to yourself, Oh gee, I guess maybe that broccoli and cauliflower diet could work for me.

Conscious Attitude 4: This is the one you have to watch out for. The attitude is, “I like it, I’m gonna try it, or I like it, I hope it’s gonna work.” Such an attitude will result in sure failure every time because trying and hoping are not enough. Trying and hoping introduce a little bit of doubt or fear to the mind. Think about your success with the mind-body methods instead of failure.

Many other spiritual disciplines have the same philosophy and promote the same types of methods for productive attitudes and constructive thoughts, which produce good health, physically, mentally, and spiritually. This author puts it in a much easier way to understand than most other methods. If you prefer a more direct approach in a tone and style that is conversational and easily understood, then this is the practical guide for you to get started right now in improving your health on all levels.

With the different levels of health, you also have different ways to perceive and interpret the events of life: intellectually and rationally; sensibly and pragmatically; and idealistically and instinctually. The part of the book about learning to know ourselves provides the deepest and richest exercise.

“Know thyself” is perhaps the greatest joy and the greatest power. Without that self-knowledge, we cannot grasp the wheel and guide our lives with confidence along the path that we are meant to take. Without self-knowledge, we can’t even know what direction to take. So while Part Two is titled Self Analysis, we are led to self understanding. This aspect is the secret that is revealed throughout the book, and this is the source that we use to tap into that positive attitude that we want for good health.



 Marie-Claire Wilson, author of The Spiritual Tarot: The Keys to The Divine Temple, is a bilingual writer and poet. She has been a practicing medium for 28 years using direct clairvoyance, the Tarot, numerology and palmistry. Office in Washington DC. To make an appointment for a phone reading call toll-free: 1-877-847-7330.

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