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Welcome to my reading room !




In these pages you have the opportunity to read the articles that I have written over a period of more than 12 years on personal growth and spirituality. These articles appeared in new age journals, magazines, and newspapers.

I have conducted interviews with celebrities, including Brad Steiger, Dr. Frederic Lenz, Dr. Diane Morisey, Margot Anand, Lee May, Dr. Brian Weiss, Sylvia Brown, Caroline Myss, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Dr. Raymond Moody, and many more authors too numerous to list here.


I continue to write and will continually update this site with articles, interviews and my own poetry.


I am also including a reproduction of the special Tarot deck that I created and published in 3 languages: The Spiritual Tarot; the Keys to the Divine Temple. Please look in the upper right corner of this screen, where you will find the “Pages” listed. Each card is presented on it’s own page, including the image and the “key” to the meaning of the image. The book that accompanies the Tarot deck includes 130 pages of details about the Tarot and it’s symbolism.



I am new to blogging, so once I figure out what “pings” are and learn a little more about this medium, I will activate “comments” and “pings” on my pages.